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Visit my Patreon page to pick a payment tier that works for you or your family at https://www.patreon.com/mrsteves

There are three choices for lessons and costs:

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Families with one student, adult or child registered at Teacherzone will sponsor with $45 per month for individual 1/2 hour Zoom guitar, ukulele or baritone ukulele lesson session. Meets weekly.
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Families with two students registered at Teacherzone will receive a discount and sponsor with $35 per month per person enrolled for individual Zoom guitar, ukulele or baritone ukulele lesson session.  Meets weekly.
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Families with three or more family members registered at Teacherzone sponsor with $30 for individual Zoom guitar, ukulele or baritone ukulele lesson session per person enrolled per month. Each student meeting may be subject to 15 or 20 minute time limits. Meets weekly.

All classes are individual half hour classes provided through weekly appointments on Zoom.


If you just feel like being generous and want to help subsidize affordable lessons for people you can become a friend to Mr. Steve’s on Patreon as well!

Mr. Steve's Guitars & Ukuleles

Become a Friend to Mr. Steve’s Guitars and Ukuleles with a donation of $25, $50, or $100 or whatever you’d like to help keep music lessons affordable for families!  Many thanks!

Guitar, Ukulele lessons and Ensemble creations

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Youth, ages 5 to 17, are invited to take guitar & ukulele lessons with Mr. Steve’s Guitars and Ukuleles 
Adults 18 and over are welcomed for lessons!!  Seniors encouraged!!!!
Each class is an individual, one-to-one session for 1/2 hour held on Zoom. Youth learn to read music, chord charts, engage in ensemble performance techniques and give back to the community by sharing their talents in community settings, recitals and benefit performances when safe to do so.

Mr. Steve’s  offers affordable rate tiers structured for families;

Single student lessons:  $45 per month

Families with two students $70 per month

Families with three students sharing one hour (20 minutes each student) $90 per month

Read more and support at the Mr. Steve’s  Patreon page: http://www.patreon.com/mrsteves

Lessons are offered privately as Strings Attached Guitars and Ukuleles and Mr. Steve’s Guitar’s and Ukuleles.  Lessons are held online via Zoom. 

I also have multiple class spaces and days available on Outschool.com with Blue Cat Music Studio, Bell Global Academy, Varsity Tutors, Tutor Me and Lessonface.  Request me! Blue Cat Music Logo


Mr. Steve is vaccinated!

Join our Facebook page at Facebook- Strings Attached project for special workshops, group classes, library classes and more!

Lesson sign-ups, email updates and other requests can be handled by emailing  Steve :


ZOOM class registration link  via Teacherzone is https://app.teacherzone.com/Registration/RegistrationPlan?PlanID=9335

Register at Teacherzone under the family plan. Payments are not made through Teacherzone, so no credit card is required. Payments are made with Patreon at http://www.patreon.com/mrsteves

Strings Attached Guitars and Ukuleles.  Online Lessons only.

If you live in the St. Charles area, instruments can be returned or picked up in St. Peters.  Please make arrangements first via email at stringsattached75@gmail.com


Please email us at stringsattached75@gmail.com for further information