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 Email  Mr. Steve  at  stringsattached75@gmail.com or stringsattachedproject@hotmail.com

Register for weekly Zoom classes at https://app.teacherzone.com/Registration/RegistrationPlan?PlanID=9335

All classes are individual half hour classes given on Zoom.

Guitar, Ukulele lessons and Ensemble creations

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Youth, ages 6 to 17, are invited to take guitar & ukulele lessons with “Strings Attached project.” 

Each class is an individual, one-to-one session for 1/2 hour. Youth learn to read music, chord charts, engage in ensemble performance techniques and give back to the community by sharing their talents in community settings, recitals and benefit performances when safe to do so.

“Strings Attached project” can provide a limited number of starter guitars, ukuleles, instruments cases and books to students who have a desire to learn, but lack start up gear.  Students can take these guitars home for practice, provided they continue their guitar studies, practice as recommended and have good lesson attendance. Parents must agree to and abide by our loaned instrument agreement at the time of registration to receive a loaned instrument.

We recommend a $20 per month donation per child enrolled to the “Strings Attached project” nonprofit program.  All donations help the program pay for lessons, buy guitars, music equipment, books,  help make the program sustainable and nurture its growth.  All financial and in-kind donations are welcomed and appreciated! In-kind donations can include guitars, music books and other string instruments like dobros, banjos, etc.

The Strings Attached project non profit program associated with St. Stephen’s Church will be phased out in 2022. Lessons will continued to be offered privately as Strings Attached Guitars and Ukuleles and Mr. Steve’s Guitar’s and Ukuleles.  Lessons will be held online and may continue in person pending location and COVID virus safety. 

Mr. Steve is vaccinated!

Join our Facebook page at Facebook- Strings Attached project for special workshops, group classes, library classes and more!

Lesson sign-ups, email updates and other requests can be handled by emailing  Steve :


ZOOM class registration link  via Teacherzone is https://app.teacherzone.com/Registration/RegistrationPlan?PlanID=9335

Strings Attached Guitars and Ukuleles.  Online Lessons only.  Loaned instrument returns can be made tp St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, 33 North Clay Ave., Ferguson 63135. Please contact the office to arrange a time at 314-521-1038

If you live in the St. Charles area, instruments can be returned or picked up in St. Peters.  Please make arrangements first via email at stringsattached75@gmail.com


Please email us at stringsattached75@gmail.com for further information