Music Education and the Brain

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Zocalo panel discussion, “How Does Music Change Your Brain” March 19, 2020

Dr. Nina Kraus discusses ongoing work in the Auditory Neuroscience Lab examining the benefits of music making on the brain:

Dr. Molly Gebrian’s five-part video series on “What Musicians Can Learn About Practicing From Current Brain Research”

Charles Limb on what your brain does during improv, a skill developed playing jazz, blues, rock and bluegrass music:

Neuroscience and music discussion with guitarist, Pat Metheny

Near the end of this discussion, Metheny touches on the very important topic of childhood learning of history, math, science and other school subjects via his passion of music from his own personal experience.  His story illustrates how we all learn differently:

2018′ s “Music and the Mind”  concert, today’s most innovative artists join top neuroscientists for a groundbreaking concert experience at the Kennedy Center exploring fascinating links between music, rhythm, and brain development as revealed by the latest research!