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Reverb Gives
The Strings Attached Project: Instruments and Music Education for Kids of All Backgrounds | Reverb Gives
stlpr NPR

Strings Attached Links Kids to Music and Heritage




KDHX KDHX Non profit Spotlight  



FEAST Magazine:

Earthance Farms Summer Camp with Strings Attached – Slide show



Feast Magazine: Earthdance Farms Summer Camp & Strings Attached

stl magazine

St. Louis Music: Essential Recordings “St. Louis has been on the cutting edge of every American music style, and the St. Louis blues are not fossilized in the past. The artists of the Confluence City have always looked forward, and built upon the best of the previous generations.”  Kevin Belford, author of Devil at the Confluence: The Pre-war Blues Music of St. Louis, Missouri.

“St. Louis American:  Ferguson Church Shelters Music Outreach program”