What’s Happening in 2016?

We’ve started the 2016 year with continued individual classes in Ferguson and South Grand St. Louis.  We’re also giving weekly lessons to over 100 kids at New City School.

The year started with free ukulele group classes for small kids in Ferguson.  When those wrapped up for the winter season, the time slot was converted to free band group classes for preteens in Ferguson studying, “The American Roots of The Beatles.”

Although many young folks have heard of The Beatles, not many realized just how influenced they were by American music and musicians at the start of their careers.  Youth in this class learned from early Beatles recordings of music written by American rockers Barrett Strong, Carl Perkins, Little Richard and St. Louis native, Chuck Berry, while also learning the basics of I,IV,V chord song structure.  Classic stuff!

And we used original vinyl records of the Fab Four to learn from!!

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